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Virtual Classroom - 24x7 Live Online Teaching & Learning

Allows both participants and teacher around the globe to engage in live classes for collaboration and interaction, allows to share multimedia files on-the-fly, enrich with powerful moderation tools, with high quality Audio-Video streaming, BYOD friendly and so on..

What is Virtual Classroom ?

Virtual Classroom is an online classroom setup with technologies which allows you to render training in a live environment over the Internet to participants, employees and other geographically distributed audiences. Virtual Classroom can be accessed on different devices such as a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone. It allows you to teach online as well as send files during an online class directly to the remotely located students. File transfer can be of any kind: photos, audio and video files, documents etc. and the like. BYOD-friendly, users can join and host from multiple devices— PCs, handhelds and mobile, cell phones, smartphones. Virtual Classroom Solution allows the integration of multiple devices in a session. We strongly feel that the virtual classroom system that you purchase should complement your own devices, not replace them. This ensures cost-effectiveness of the system, besides ensuring technological efficiency. The thrust should be to build a robust system without spending too much, on too little.

Since the hallmark of a virtual classroom setup is two-way communication, it is expected to adopt various communication parameters and transparent mode of operations for the user. This system is widely used to create better interaction between teachers and audience. Having a DIY mindset towards a virtual classroom system can be quite demanding owing to the fact that setting up such a system requires comprehensive expertise, which only a few companies possess in India. Real-time video and audio compression depend on CPU capacity, available bandwidth, and network delay. And these variables introduce an air of uncertainty around the virtual classroom setup. Since you, as the customer, are essentially paying for reliability, any uncertainty with respect to the system, will not always create doubts in the minds of the user. This is where, we at EAPL, come in.

We introduce Edu Assessment Private Limited as a professionally managed, vibrant & dynamic company engaged in Manufacturing and servicing activities of Digital Smart Class Rooms with Sales & Service Networks at major locations across India. Whether you are planning a small boardroom or a large auditorium, we have the fitting solution for your needs. We offer high-quality audio-video virtual classroom solutions, systems and setups for real-time media collaboration, communication, and assessment for your educational needs. As the country’s largest service provider for virtual classrooms, our range of virtual classroom hardware and software are all state-of-the-art. Starting from our virtual classroom camera, which rivals some of the best cameras of its class in the world, to our zero latency virtual classroom equipment, we ensure that the students, not for a moment, feel that their teachers are not physically present in their classroom. On a side-note, our virtual classroom camera is widely considered flawless, easy-to-use and a generator of remarkable picture quality.

Being a frontrunner in the industry, we are involved in providing our customers with highly qualitative Smart, Responsive and Virtual Classroom Services. Our virtual classroom solutions find application in coaching centers/institutes, corporate training, schools, colleges, higher education, education, research centers and the industry at large. The first questions that people usually ask us, are ‘how to conduct online classes’ or ‘how to teach online in India’ or ‘what is the cost of the virtual classroom system’. And of course, we love to answer those questions. But more than that we ensure that you get the most value for the money spent by helping you build a technologically robust system around your physical infrastructure, with minimum disruption and with maximum output.

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How Does Virtual Classroom Solution Work?

The Most Powerful & Advanced Virtual Classroom to Fulfill Your Every Need

Virtual Classroom helps to deliver live classes, meetings, webinars, and conferences to audience anywhere!







Features of High Performance Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom has many awesome essential features for seamless collaboration between Presenter and Participants. Our Virtual Classroom covers almost everything you need to engage your students geographically. Our Virtual Classroom covers almost everything you need to engage your students geographically.

File Transfer on the fly

File Transfer on the Fly

It allows you to send files during a conferencing directly without using third-party solutions. File transfer is used when it is necessary to send files of various types: photos, audio and video files, documents etc.


Bi-Directional Communication

HD video-conferencing. Full-duplex Voice over IP. Public and private chat. Different viewing modes

Bring your own device friendly

Bring Your Own Device Friendly

BYOD-friendly, users can join and host from multiple devices— PCs, handhelds and mobile, cell phones, smart phones. Virtual Classroom Solution allows the integration of multiple devices in a session.

Advanced Bandwidth Management

Advanced Bandwidth Management

Dynamically adapts communication parameters. Transparent mode for the user. Upgrades or downgrades depending on CPU capacity, available bandwidth and network delay.

Live Feedback System

Live Feedback System

Live feedback system is a state-of-the-art system used to gather the participants' responses and create instant report to measure their performance. This system is widely used to create better interaction between instructor and audience

powerful moderation tool

Powerful Moderation Tools

Grant webcam & microphone access for participants, allow/disallow whiteboard control, sharing documents & presentations, and screen sharing

Audio/Video Streamiing

Secure Audio/Video Streaming

Streaming is good choice, when you want to avail your lecture/presentation to your consumers, who has the license to access the media files. The streaming files are protected by secure encrypted technique and cannot be copied without your permission



The solution offered is highly scalable and allows the upgrade of the system in an easy and transparent way. Interoperable with existing IT and communication environments

Hand raise feature

Raise Hand Feature

Participants can use the 'raise hand' feature to get the teacher's attention to ask questions similar to hand-raising in the physical classroom

real time collaboration

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration with screen sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, file transfer, recording, etc. You can have the ability to stream content, video, whiteboard and annotations from your PC/Mobile devices onto displays wirelessly

Online polls and survey

Online Polls and Surveys

The online polling feature is a required in a virtual classroom to collect participants' feedbacks. Integrated assessment system takes instant feedback from audience and generate the assessment reports in different formats

Session-recording and Playback

Session Recording & Playback

Allows to record the presentation, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings and more with HD audio-video and data for later use, you can store the downloaded file on your PC in native file format or upload it to your company's website

Voice over Internet protocol

High Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Supports crystal clear live audio streams over transmission protocol to reduce audio latency. High quality audio system is integrated with the our virtual system. Interoperable with existing IT and communication environments

Audio video Conferencing

Real-time audio & video Conferencing

We offer high quality audio-video conferencing for real-time media collaboration, communication and assessment. It is perfect for multi-site collaboration with up to 25 locations where users can join from anywhere, using any device – pc, mobile, room endpoints

Session-recording and Playback

Instant Messaging

Look & feel similar to other MS-Windows applications, using standard communication protocol named Jabber (XMPP). Federation with consumer Instant Messaging solutions such as MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ


Virtual Learning Solution VIRTUAL LEARNING ROOM

Virtual Classroom is a departure from the traditional student-teacher dynamic that functions in a closed space like within the confines of a classroom. While the traditional system had its geographical ..


Our Virtual Meeting Room collaboration solution consolidate real-time conferencing tools – voice, video, content and web allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere using any device. It reduces business travelling cost..


Virtual Conference Room enables businesses and organizations to function effectively despite spatial problems. Virtual conferencing is our latest milestone in the field of virtual systems that has been tailor-made to suit all your B2B needs..

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