Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual learning is a way to connect, interact and educate geographically dispersed students, and has the potential to improve students' achievement and engagement, educational access and cost-effectiveness for institute.
We offer Virtual Learning Environment where classroom activities can be accessed by participants stayed at remote locations. Teacher and students can share documents, audio, video and other content at real time. Interactive board can be shared by both faculty and students.

Benefits of Virtual Learning Environment:
  • Virtual learning environments enable students to engage in personalised education, while freeing teachers from the constraints of classroom management tasks.
  • Easy online delivery of educational content.
  • Easy to use for both teacher and students
  • Widens student access on and off campus to learning materials and resources.
  • Has the potential for new ways of learning and teaching such as active and independent learning which make use of online communication, online assessment and collaborative learning.
  • Management and tracking of student geographically.
  • Online assessment of students collectively or individually, and generates instant results.
  • Excellent interaction between teacher and students.

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